Directory Project


Where can Christian singles find a spouse? 

  That's the question we hear over and over again. Many families and individuals are turning away from the divorce and promiscuity in our world and trying to restore marriage to the way it was designed to be. Single men and women are forsaking the date for a while, break-up, try someone else, method, and are searching for something better. 

We think they CAN do better!

  We would like to be a part of connecting families who share a Biblical, betrothal perspective for their approach to marriage. Besides providing encouraging content like videos and testimonies we want to create a "Directory" that will facilitate contact between like-minded families with sons or daughters who are ready for marriage. 

What would this "Directory" be like?

  Profiles containing information on family missions and beliefs (especially those related to family structure) as well as basic profile information will be stored and displayed to Directory members only.  The Directory is meant to work on a family basis involving both the parents and their eligible children and providing a variety of preferences to further restrict who your profile is "visible" to.  Making initial contact will be possible through the Directory itself to a "likely" profile.

Would it work?

Research shows the percentage of couples who meet online is up to about 1 in 4 and still on the rise. Online dating is second only to meeting through friends as the most common way to meet. Research also shows 17% of couples who married in 2017 met on a dating or matchmaking website! While we want to avoid the kind of approach to relationships that most online dating websites are promoting, the fact is the internet really can connect people and even help them form committed marriages.

 To prevent misuse, the Directory will have safeguards such as requiring character references in order to be accepted, requiring consent from both eligible (18+) children and their parents (when applicable) and only allowing contact through the Directory initially.  (Any contact information such as addresses, email and phone is up to the users to provide to a contact that they are interested in discovering more about.)
Even in cases where no marriage match arises between the connected families, we hope they will still find friendship and fellowship with likeminded people!

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