About Betrothal and Wedding


Where can Christian singles find a spouse? 

  That's a question we hear over and over again. Many families are turning away from the divorce and promiscuity in our world and trying to restore marriage to the way it was designed to be. Single men and women are forsaking the date for a while, break-up, try someone else, method, and are searching for something better. 

We believe they CAN do better!

  The mission of this site is to provide encouraging content in the form of articles, videos, and testimonies to build up faith in the God who is still in the business of matchmaking! 

Besides these materials, do you offer practical help?

  We do occasionally accept applications from singles wanting assistance in their search for a potential spouse. Our process is to have them and their parents (if they are involved) fill out a resume so we can gauge whether we’d know a likely match. If we see possibility, we have a meeting via phone or face-time to get more of an idea of the personality of the person we are working with and what they are hoping for in a spouse. From there we typically look through our lists and pray about who to approach with an offer to arrange an introduction. On occasion we will recommend an event, church, or gathering to the applicant where they can meet likely people. If we don’t get a leading from God, we continue to wait and pray. Sometimes it turns out we are not the method that God wants to use and He brings the applicant a spouse in some other way.

If you are interested in applying for our betrothal connection service, please send us an email through our contact page using your first and last name as the subject line.

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